Sustainability: Working Towards a Greener Planet

Posted by Aperia Technologies

“We work hard to increase the efficiency of our own operations and strive to empower even greater impact by helping our customers increase the efficiency of theirs.”

– Josh Carter, CEO and co-founder of Aperia

Every year, Earth Day reminds us of our global impact and our relationship with the environment. This year, the message is even more poignant as we face a global pandemic together. Aperia Technologies was founded on the promise that we can ‘change the world, one revolution at a time®.’ Our commitment to this promise happens all year long, and one of the most significant ways that we demonstrate it is through our vehicle efficiency and sustainability efforts.

By eliminating tire underinflation with Halo, an average trucking fleet with 1,000 class 8 trucks can save 212,000 gallons of diesel, reduce 3,000 tons of CO2 emissions, and save 1,400 tires every year, all while saving more than $2.2 million annually. According to the US EPA1, this is equivalent to removing 600 passenger cars driven for one year, recycling 930 tons of waste rather than landfilling, or growing 45,000 tree seedlings. 

We don’t stop there. Everything we do, we do with a responsible and transparent environmental footprint in mind, from our product design and packaging to our recycling, office energy efficiency, and digital documentation. Here are some of the ways we live and breathe our commitment to sustainability and a greener planet.

Product Stewardship

Aperia Technologies maintains stewardship for the Halo product lifecycle, which includes consideration for the impact that sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution can have on carbon footprint, deforestation, and pollution. Through waste management initiatives and energy conservation practices, we are embedding sustainability into daily operations.

Waste Reduction

Waste reduction is a key initiative for Aperia Technologies, and we prioritize it throughout our product lifecycle, including:

  • Packaging requirements
  • Material waste recycling
  • Package design

We start with our partner relationships. Goods and materials shipped from suppliers are required to be packaged in recycled material or recyclable material. Enforcing packaging requirements incorporates all stakeholders into the sustainability process, so local sourcing is strongly considered to minimize a needless shipping footprint and maintain quality standards to reduce scrap or reverse logistics impacts. The recycling practices extend through the manufacturing process as waste materials generated during manufacturing are recycled. While we collaborate on sustainable efforts with our partners, we also factor it into our product design efforts. Aperia Technologies considers sustainability at the design level by package right sizing to minimize material use and ensure damage-free protection through the distribution process. And we maintain our focus in the shipping process, where Halos are packaged in recyclable materials for distribution.

Safety and Material Handling

Aperia Technologies promotes safe production as a combined effort for every team member to strive for incident-free work environments. True sustainability addresses not only the environment but also includes the broader perspective which values all stakeholders. This essentially means that sustainability is maximized through safety and does not have the stigma of restricting operations. For example, some proactive EH&S policies at Aperia Technologies include:

  • Chemical safety documentation and plan
  • Hazardous material storage policies
  • Hazardous material disposal policies
  • On-site recycling and composting

Energy Conservation

Sustainable energy efficiency is top of mind for production as well as daily operational activities. In our office, we establish and maintain a sustainable work environment which includes:

  • Building facility energy efficiencies
  • IT power management policies
  • Climate controls for office spaces, manufacturing floor, and warehouse
  • Digital documentation process to minimize printing paper

We believe in true team engagement for sustainable success and are proud of our staff and their individual efforts to live and work sustainability. We support them through office site amenities, including recycling, digital workflows, and electric charging stations to encourage employees to purchase electric and hybrid vehicles. We encourage the use of public transportation, and subsidize transportation expenses to and from work.

Our Sustainability Mission

Aperia Technologies is on a mission to increase transportation sustainability through clean technology innovation. There’s evidence of our mission and commitment everywhere, from awards for environmental sustainability by CoolCalifornia and Acterra, to sustainability partner, product and facility requirements, and our employees’ own enthusiasm to live and work on a greener planet. We take great pride in creating a culture of sustainability that revolves around doing business responsibly. And, we continue our focus on building a sustainable product in a sustainable process to deliver efficient, safe, and clean technology. The promise we made over 10 years ago is more true today than ever: Changing the world, one revolution at a time. 

On this Earth Day, and in these times when keeping trucks moving is more important than ever, let’s discuss how Aperia can help you reach your sustainability goals.